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  1. When I first saw your headline Pea I was thinking to myself this probably isn’t a post I’m going to be able to comment on but boy was I ever wrong.

    WOW!!! That’s a fascinating home I must admit. I can even admit that I would love to live in something that quaint. I love the simple life and that home is so unique. I can’t believe he just used material he could find and didn’t have any prior experience. I’m so impressed.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us today! I know I appreciate having seen it.

    Adrienne recently posted..The Loss of A LegendMy Profile

    • Pea

      Pretty fascinating indeed. I’m so glad you thought it was cool. I like the idea of showing people things they are not quite sure they will like and surprising themselves…and me! Always good to have you pop round.

  2. Wow! That is just awesome. I’ve been having little thoughts here and there of building something really nice and sustainable. I live out in the country right now, so it really wouldn’t be that much of a problem. Definitely food for thought at the very least.

    By the way, Pea, when are you going to show us your house? Or have you already?

    I want to see where a Pea lives! You should call your house a “pod.”

    I apologize for that joke. Lol
    Fred Tracy recently posted..Why I Became a Personal Development BloggerMy Profile

    • Pea

      Indeed young Fred. Definitely food for thought. My pod?…Hmmm…maybe soon Fred. And your apology is not accepted – perhaps I’ll accept it next Friday…just randomly! Especially not after the shenanigans on your site! ;-)

  3. Pea,

    WOW. This is a magic house. What a wonderful thing this man did to create this. I love all the curves of the wood. It’s one of my favorite things about the oak trees in my area; they bend their branches. Some curve over roads and others bend to the ground as if the branch was a hand, inviting someone to sit. This house reminds me of that.

    That said, I’m not sure I could live there, but I appreciate his dream.

    I really loved these words, “treading the conventional path without first examining forensically whether it really fits you should also be avoided.” My favorite part is “examining forensically.” What a perfect word picture that provides!

    You have some funny readers. I like what Fred said..hey, and that rhymes:~)
    Sara recently posted..The DovesMy Profile

    • Pea

      I so enjoy word picture creating and creators! Yes Fred is a bit of a scoundrel…albeit a very humorous and very nice one!

  4. I Love it, Pea! It’s beautiful simplicity with an enchanted feel. How very clever, especially to have scavenged materials. Thanks for sharing! And, yes, have we been privy to pics of your abode? :) ))
    Antonia recently posted..Comment on The Bliss List by AntoniaMy Profile

    • Pea

      Antonia! Always adding a little sunshine to my day as I know I’ll be popping over to read something soothing and delightful in a minute. Hmmm…the Bliss List? I wonder…
      No, no pics as yet…working on it.

  5. It’s like a fairy tale!!!!! The last picture is my favorite. I would hope that I would never become blasé about that view!!!!!

    This was definitely an exclamation point worthy post!!!!!
    Tammy recently posted..Spinning TraditionMy Profile

    • Pea

      You know what Tammy? I don’t think you or I would. I had a view like that and everyday I would wake up and chuckle with delight at it. I never tired…so no. I think once you are a person who already appreciates these things you will continue to. :)

  6. That really is a delight. I will absolutely do this when I find me a spot to settle down. Until then, it’s adventure time. But I do look forward to building up my own place one day.

    Great find!

    • Pea

      David! Hello! Must pop over and see where you are now as you have been MIA recently. Maybe wandering the hills as a Free Man of the world?

      Knowing you, your comments about building a home like this are not just hollow words either!

  7. A powerful example of thinking the unthinkable, Pea. I love it. Everything about this man’s vision and accomplishment runs counter to the conventional wisdom of the world voice. One has to take the time to ask themselves healthy questions: “where in my life am I No-Stuck? What do I dream of achieving but never seem to have the time and resources to act on it?” Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are false signals – they never depict our real condition as superlative creators.
    rob white recently posted..Atomic ActionMy Profile

    • Pea

      I have always believed that rob. We are superlative creators. We are amazing pieces of creation ourselves, but unfortunately we are also destroyers and we use things like hopelessness and helplessness to destroy us. When we are winning the battle we get to create things like Simon Dale..

  8. Beautiful. It sure makes me think and inspires me to pursue the environment that I truly feel happy in. Never settle.

    Thank you for the wonderful share.

  9. When I saw this home, it put me in mind of a book I’ve been trying to find for years, entitled “The Wiley Gnome”. Someone in California has apparently built a home that puts me in mind of this…a Wiley Gnome home. I’ve searched and searched for this out-of-print book in vain. But this post and these photos put a smile on my face, as I picture this as potentially the wiley gnome home:) Cheers! Kaarina
    Kaarina Dillabough recently posted..Do you heed the Remarkable?My Profile

    • Pea

      You smiled. Job done! Thank you for coming Kaarina I have just found you on Twitter and look forward to reading your posts.

  10. Ronda Wintheiser

    So would Mr. Dale consider doing this for someone else? :)

  11. This is awesome! Reminds me of the hobbit houses in Lord of the rings.

    Man what wouldn’t i do to live in a house like that in the forest or a mountain range! :/


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